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Generate Real Estate Leads Using Govesta

Real estate professionals understand the importance of establishing a robust online presence to generate sales leads for property listings. Today, most potential buyers look online first when property searching for their future homes. As a result, there is no shortage of real estate online marketing strategies, one of the most popular being Google Ads. However, real estate professionals do not always have the in-depth knowledge or time necessary to manage those tools effectively to drive traffic and generate leads on their website. Online marketing with Govesta is efficient and user-friendly, allowing agencies and agents to focus on their expertise – real estate.

Advantages of Advertising Properties with Govesta

  • Pay per Click: Similar to Google Ads, Govesta follows a cost per click model or CPC for short. This is an advertising model used to direct traffic or users to specific websites. The advertiser pays when their ad is clicked. With Govesta, agencies or agents are invoiced for the number of times a user clicks a property listing. You only pay for what performs.
  • Promote Available Properties: Govesta displays all available properties for sale. Agencies or agents can manage their property listings individually in the user-friendly Govesta Dashboard. This allows for control over costs and which properties are promoted.
  • Optimized Ads: Govesta sends users directly to the details page of each specific property, rather than the agencies’ homepages. This eliminates the need for potential customers to do an additional search on the websites once they’ve seen a property of interest. However, if interested, users can continue browsing through the agencies or agents’ websites to become more familiar with the brand, property, and contact information.
  • High-Quality Traffic: When a user lands directly on a property detail page, they have already indicated an interest by clicking the listing’s advertisement. Therefore, the user is considered high-quality traffic, as they have more intent to purchase that specific property.
  • Save Money: No click, no cost. Potential customers can browse through all available properties without costing the agency or agents any fees. Whether you have 1 or 1,000 property listings for sale, you can upload an unlimited amount, for free. Govesta does not charge any sign-up or subscription fees.

Disadvantages of Advertising Properties with Google Ads

  • Learning Process: Advertising your properties on Google Ads is not for beginners. There is a great deal of experience and testing needed to ensure your property listing campaigns are optimized and reach your targets. Many businesses are unable to take full advantage of Google Ads due to their inexperience with the platform.
  • Cost of Competition: The real estate industry has many competitors who are also using the same Google Ad strategies and keywords. To appear on the first page, the most desired position, competing with other agencies and agents becomes an expensive battle for exposure.
  • Limitation of Ads: When a potential customer finds an agency through a Google Ad, they are directed to the agency’s home page. As their first point of contact, the user then has to begin searching for desired properties throughout all the available listings. In short, two searches are required.
  • Required Time: The Google Ad dashboard is not only complicated but requires regular attention and optimization. It is crucial to ensure campaigns are set up correctly and continuously monitored to ensure you are receiving the best quality sales leads.

Online Marketing with Govesta International Property Search

Govesta has made it easier than ever for real estate professionals to connect with prospects on an international scale. Take advantage of Govesta online marketing and create an integrated online presence, driving more qualified leads to your directly to your website.

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