Start to build your pipeline during the lockdown

Consolidate your pipeline during the lockdown

COVID-19 is proving to be a big hurdle for many industries across the world, and real estate agents are feeling the pressure too. When business slows down during such an event, it’s hard not to feel anxious about the future.

But most important: don’t panic! As well as taking time for yourself, there are things you can do during to make sure your business hits the ground running when this is all over. Take this opportunity to work on prospecting, networking and improving your pipeline. If you work on the right things, sales will come back automatically. Here are a few tips to prepare your business during the corona lockdown.

Improve and extend your contact list

By far the most essential tool a real estate agent has is a well-organised contact list, ideally in your CRM or a spreadsheet with the essential information like name, telephone number, email and physical address. People you meet at an open house viewing or leads that you receive online or everyone you meet offline can be a source of business or at least a referral source.

Check your email inbox for contacts you made before the COVID-19 outbreak. Go through your open house sign-ins and check for business cards you collected over the past few months. Add all of them to your Contacts. As a part of this activity, get in touch with old clients and friends. Often these contacts can turn into business.

Reconnect with leads

You may have a lot of people you met during the last viewings when the business was in full swing. Some may have been interested but never got back to you. We all know this happens and is part of the home buying process – it’s normal. Now it is the opportunity to write them an email or give them a call. You may send them good wishes, ask about their wellbeing, refer to the current situation or the property they visited. In this way, you freshen up the contact, and you’ll be in the back of their mind. They might not answer or need you right away, but they might remember you when they sell their home or restart the search for a new residence or business office.

Send your regards

Most of your contacts are also stuck in their homes. Send them your best wishes during this period. You could even write personalised cards, or it could just be a friendly email. During the lockdown, everyone is happy to get some outside contact. This will keep you busy and prove as a great help in the future as well. 

Business will bounce back

Stay optimistic and don’t worry about the future. This slump is affecting everyone in the world! Once the lockdown is over, demand will return to industries across the globe, and it will be much stronger than before. Use this time to prepare. But most important: take time for yourself, stay healthy and stay at home!