Govesta, the flexible alternative to Rightmove

To advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla, or any other property portal, real estate agents have to subscribe for one or two years. This model has major downsides because when the market is slow and you get fewer leads, you still have to pay the same monthly fee. That’s why we’ve built Govesta. We offer a flexible alternative to Rightmove and other subscription-based property portals.

Real estate portal with no subscription

Whether its Rightmove in the UK, or ImmoScout in Germany, most property portals require a long-term subscription if you want to advertise. However, to advertise on Govesta, you don’t need to subscribe for a long time. Our partners can start and stop advertising whenever they like. That means you can change your monthly costs depending on your current situation.

Only pay for what you get

There are two ways to advertise with Govesta and you can choose the model that suits you. Both models are performance-based. Therefore, when you advertise your properties on Govesta, you only pay when somebody shows interest in your property.

Option 1: Traffic

Govesta sends potentially interested buyers to your website. We call this Traffic. You pay a small amount for every user that you get. Therefore, if you don’t receive traffic, you don’t pay anything. Grow your website traffic using this model.

Option 2: Lead

Like other property portals, Govesta sends you the contact details of interested buyers. We call this a Lead. You pay for each lead that you get. Therefore, if you don’t receive a lead, you don’t pay anything. Get more buyer leads using this model.

Flexible real estate advertising

We’ve built Govesta to provide real estate agents with a flexible alternative to subscription-based property portals.

Control your monthly costs  

When you advertise properties on Govesta, you only pay when somebody is interested in your property. Furthermore, you can use the Govesta Dashboard to decide which properties are online and which ones are offline. If your property is offline, it cannot generate any interest or costs. That means you have full control over your monthly expenditure.

International property portal

We want to make it easy for people to buy and sell property, anywhere in the world. So, you can easily translate your listings into multiple languages in the Govesta Dashboard. Choose which countries you want to target and we’ll put your properties on the international market.

Take control of your real estate advertising

Many real estate agents that we have spoken to are unhappy with the current situation because there is no alternative to Rightmove or Zoopla. We are here to change that by offering a property portal that allows you to decide when, where and how you advertise your properties. Join the real estate revolution!

Govesta, the flexible property portal.

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