How to connect Govesta with OnOffice

Govesta supports all OpenImmo CRMs, so you can upload your properties easily. Let’s take a look at how to connect your OnOffice account with Govesta.

Step 1

In the OnOffice dashboard, click ExtrasEinstellungenGrundeinstellungen

Step 2

Click Portale, then click + 

Step 3

Choose a Freies Portal and click Portal hinzufügen

Step 4

Select your Freies Portal and add the following information:

  • Portalname: Govesta
  • Anbieter Nr: (you will receive your personal Anbieternummer from your account manager)
  • FTP Server:
  • FTP User: onoffice
  • FTP Passwort: api-Govesta2019
  • FTP Ordner: (leave this field empty)
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • Format: OpenImmo 1.27 (XML)

Step 5 

  • If you have listings in several languages, click Erweiterte Einstellungen einblenden
  • Then check the box Mehrsprachenexport

Step 6

Click Save

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