Our Values

Govesta gives people the inspiration, knowledge and tools to buy and sell property, anywhere.

Empower People

Govesta empowers people to buy and sell property, no matter where they are located. Our focus is to create the best property portal in the world. That means the best experience for our users and the most effective model for our advertisers.

Foster Relationships

Our global property marketplace connects users to trusted local experts that speak their language. We build partnerships with real estate agencies and agents across the world and connect them to qualified, international buyers.

Broaden Horizons

To be the best property portal in the world, we listen intently, with open minds, to our customers and partners. By gaining knowledge and being receptive to change, we will continually improve ourselves and the industry around us.

Prove it!

Every decision we make is data-driven. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas of all sizes, so we can put them to the test. Through methodical testing, we ensure that our company’s development is supported by facts.