Listing your properties on Govesta

There are two ways to list on Govesta. Choose the model that best fits your business.

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Pay Per Lead (PPL)

When a user is interested in your property, they can request more information through our website. A ‘lead’ is when Govesta sends you the details of this request, so you can get in touch with the user. You pay for each lead. If you receive no leads, you don’t pay anything.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Users can view all the details of your listing on Govesta. If they want more information, we’ll forward them directly to the property details page on your website. You’ll pay a small amount for every user that we send to you. Use this model to grow your own website audience.

“I love the simplicity of Govesta. Depending on my current portfolio, I can adapt my marketing cost – it’s very flexible. It also brings me international buyers that I didn’t reach before.”

Thirzie HullReal Estate Agent, London & Berlin

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